digital HR



As coach, I enable my clients to discover and develop their individual potential and capabilities. Using specific questions, I support my clients in various areas. Examples: 

  • Career and job-related coaching

  • Management and staff coachings

  • Professional advancement and/or comeback, career entry, career moves and/or changes

  • Various aspects related to work-life challenges


I personally develop and conduct customize training concepts focusing on the participants' and their organizations' needs. This ensures first-hand monitoring and support of the entire process, including future follow-ups and reflexions. 

Selection of topics: 

  • Job application training

  • Career and job-related orientation

  • Team trainings and individual coachings at organizations

  • Business trainings and education management


In addition to my know-how as consultant, I contribute my international senior management experience, professional knowledge, well-versed approach and people skills to my clients' success. They benefit from our co-operation in the following areas: 

  • Digitalization and Human Resources (HR), e.g. Lean Recruiting

  • Interim HR-Management (Recruiting, HR development etc.)

  • Organizational and staff development

  • Management and business consulting